In Passing

In the pearl-grey distance -- calm and dignified -- slowly melts the large, bright orange ball, on the dormant lead-colored water surface. In the dusk's resigned floodlight, the shadows transform into a tin, long grey strips: Dwindles; lose themselves between the hasty steps of the passers-by...  I cross the empty market square and turn left, … Continue reading In Passing


En Pièces

The possibility of some inner emigration while being forced outside. Absentia. The inner emigration from daily life. (not yet reached -- unfortunately!) *** Every wound has rhythm -- you can hum ***  Solitude: Your absence that creates boundaries; that is so heavy and somber; gray and distant... The absence that quietly smolders in the silence of the … Continue reading En Pièces

A Reminiscence

You came into the heart of our grief. This is a house dressed in black. It sounded  -- and felt -- as if one were talking about a catastrophe of greater proportions, of misfortune, of something forbidden, of sinfulness.  A fund of accusations; insults...  Her voice gets weaker, quieter; it started to tremble... Through the … Continue reading A Reminiscence


A brief, flash-like glimmer of an orphaned, long-forgotten memory -- in the exhausted hour of the mild-flowing dusk light --, from far away, as if from another world, so to speak: anachronistic, ridiculous, scandalous and wild... I tried to eternize this moment somehow, to delay the inevitable process of disappearance -- but the contours fade, … Continue reading Lappalie

Remaining Impressions

It’s late at night. I sit in my room and look out of the window: A cold moisture glistened on the pavement of the road. Flickering neon-lights (mostly red.) Darkened facade-walls. The black outline of a totem-like tree on the other side of the street. My perspective shortened silhouette in the left window pane. It … Continue reading Remaining Impressions